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Potassium sorbate – colorless to white scaly crystals or crystalline powder, odorless or slightly smelly. It’s unstable in the air. Can be colored by oxidation. The molecular weight is 150.22. Hygroscopic, soluble in water, ethanol. Mainly used as food preservative, it is an acidic preservative with organic acid to improve the effect of anti-corrosion reaction. Potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide and sorbic acid as raw materials.Please contact our team to provide you with better service!

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Potassium sorbate: colorless to white squamous crystal or crystalline powder, odorless or slightly odorous. It's unstable in the air. It can be oxidized and colored. Hygroscopic, soluble in water and ethanol. Mainly used as a food preservative, it is an acid preservative, can react with organic acids to improve the antiseptic effect. Potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide and sorbic acid as raw materials.

Sorbate and potassium SORbate are the most widely used preservatives in the world, which can effectively inhibit the activity of mold, yeast and aerobic bacteria, so as to effectively prolong the preservation time of food and maintain the original flavor of food. When we buy packaged (or canned) food, we often see the words "sorbate" or "potassium sorbate" in ingredient lists, but they are commonly used food additives. Potassium sorbate is an acidic preservative that remains effective in foods that are close to neutral (PH6.0 to 6.5) (not suitable for dairy products). Potassium sorbate is a highly effective and safe preservative recommended by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). It is widely used in food, beverage, tobacco, pesticide, cosmetics and other industries. As an unsaturated acid, it is also used in the resin, fragrance and rubber industries.

Product Features

1. The actual effect of mold removal is excellent.

2. Low toxic side effects and high safety factor.

3. Do not change the characteristics of food.

4. Wide range of use.

5. Easy to use.

Application Field

1. The animal feed industry, the United States and the European Union all use potassium sorbate as a legal feed additive for animal feed. Potassium sorbate can inhibit the growth of mold in feed, especially the formation of aflatoxin has a very significant effect. Potassium sorbate can be easily digested as a feed component and has no adverse effects on animals. It is not easy to spoil the feed during storage, transportation and sale.
2. Food containers and packaging materials: The purpose of food packaging is to protect the contents. At present, the use of active materials in food packaging to improve the function of materials, in addition to the function of extending the shelf life of packaged food, but also to maintain the nutrition and safety of food.

3, food preservatives: potassium sorbate is widely used as a food preservative, and it is widely used in low-alcohol wine such as fruit wine, beer and wine and has ideal antiseptic effect. Using potassium sorbate to treat packaging materials can extend the shelf life of foods such as bread and dry coolers.

(1) Application in vegetables and fruits

Fresh vegetables and fruits if not timely preservative preservation treatment will soon lose luster, moisture, dry wrinkled surface and easy to produce mold leading to decay, resulting in unnecessary waste. If the surface of vegetables and fruits using potassium sorbate preservative, in the temperature of up to 30can be stored for a month, but also can keep vegetables and fruits green degree does not change.

(2) Applications in meat products

Smoked ham, dried sausages, jerky and similar dried meat products are preserved by briefly soaking them in a solution of potassium sorbate at an appropriate concentration.

(3) Application in aquatic products

Thoroughly cleaned fresh fish, shrimp or other fresh aquatic products, immersed in the appropriate concentration of potassium sorbate preservation solution for 20 seconds after taking out, remove the preservation solution after refrigeration, can effectively extend their shelf life. Adding proper potassium sorbate to dried fish products can effectively prevent the occurrence of mildew. Smoked fish products can be sprayed with a suitable concentration of potassium sorbate solution before, during or after the smoking process.

(4) Its application in beverages

Potassium sorbate can be added to fruit and vegetable juice drinks, carbonated drinks, protein drinks and other beverages, because the addition of potassium sorbate greatly extends the shelf life of the product.

(5) Application in candied fruit and confectionery products

Peanut brittle, almond candy and general sandwich candy, can directly add the right amount of potassium sorbate for preservation.

Production Capacity

1, Sorbic acid production device 1 set, the production capacity of 6000 tons/year
2, Potassium sorbate production line 5 sets, the production capacity of 27,000 tons/year
The company uses original production technology, and according to the GMP workshop standard design, installation, operation, automatic packaging, to ensure product quality; DCS remote control unit is used in the whole process to complete data collection and control functions. To achieve precise control of production process.
At the same time, the company has built a 100,000-ton ethanol production facility, a 20,000-ton acetaldehyde production line and a 20,000-ton crotonaldehyde production line, realizing self-sufficiency in sorbic acid main raw materials, with stable and reliable quality.

Packaging and Delivery

Product packaging: 1kg small package, 15kg/ box, 25kg/ box, 50LB/ box, 500Kg ton/bag

About delivery: All our products are produced after receiving the order advance payment, to ensure that the products are the best quality. Please contact us at least one week in advance and place the order, we will produce for you at the fastest speed!

Believe in Zhongbao Ruiheng technology, is to believe in the strength of science and technology! Get in touch with us to provide you with excellent service.

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Set up a sales team, the company will research and development and sales combined. In the same year, the world's leading production equipment was introduced to scale up the production of products.
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