Papain Powder, Natural Papaya Fruit Extract

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Product overview: Papain is using biological engineering technology from papaya plant immature fruit extract and natural enzyme products, it is made of 212 amino acid composition, molecular weight of 21000, belong to contain sulphur (SH) endopeptidase, can be hydrolyzed protein and polypeptide, arginine and lysine in the carboxyl end has the activity of protease and lipase, Has a wide range of specificity, animal and plant proteins, peptides, esters, amides and other strong enzymatic hydrolysis ability, but also has the ability to synthesize protein hydrolysates to resynthesize protein substances, this ability can be used to improve the nutritional value of animal and plant proteins or functional properties.Please contact our team to provide you with better service!

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1. Adopt advanced biological engineering technology, membrane separation technology and vacuum freeze drying technology, and successfully develop proprietary enzyme protection technology, reduce the loss of enzyme activity in the process of processing, and produce papain enzyme activity more than 3.5 million units/gram, exceeding the highest level in foreign countries.

2, in accordance with the United States pharmacopoeia standards and China's current standards to organize production, in accordance with the international quality certification system requirements, to establish a strict quality control system, strictly control the microbial products, to meet the national export food hygiene standards.

3. Solve the efficient separation of papain by ultrafiltration technology, extract papain spermatase at room temperature, the recovery rate of papain is more than 90%, improve the recovery rate of the enzyme and reduce the cost.


The product is water-soluble, odorless, easily soluble in water and glycerin, aqueous solution is colorless or light yellow, sometimes milky white, almost insoluble in organic solvents.

Application Areas

1. Food industry: Papain enzymatic reaction can be used to hydrolyze large protein molecules in food into small peptides or amino acids that are easy to be absorbed. It is widely used in: Chicken, pig, cattle, seafood, blood products, soybean, peanut and other animal and plant protease hydrolysis, meat tenderizer, wine clarifying agent, biscuit loosening agent, noodle stabilizer, health food, soy sauce brewing and wine fermentation agent, can improve the nutritional value of food, but also reduce the cost.
2. Biscuit industry: Lower degree of wet gluten, improvement the dough plasticity and the physical and chemical properties, at the same time make the protein macromolecule hydrolysis into short peptide and amino acid, thus to sugars and amino class material for complex maillard reaction, make the product color fast, colour and lustre and pleasing to the eye have oil moisten bright feeling, loose crisp larger capacity ratio and section mesh structure, good level; Crack cake, broken cake rate is reduced, the cake shape is correct and full without shrinking, the pattern is clear, the cake surface is smooth; And can reduce 10%-25% sodium metabisulfite, thereby reducing the residual amount of harmful substances such as SO2, but also can correct the influence of chemical additives on the flavor of biscuits, effectively improve the quality of biscuits.
3. Pharmaceutical industry: Papain containing drugs, such as papaya throat tablet, papaya enteric-coated tablet (capsule), papaya buccal tablet, have anti-inflammatory, cholagogic, analgesic, digestion, improve immunity and other effects, further research shows that it can also be used to examine the surface of red blood cells and blood type identification agent, treatment of gynecological diseases, glaucoma, insect bites and so on.
4. Textile Industry: Anti-shrinkage of wool: papain treated wool, its tensile strength is higher than the conventional method, wool feel soft, comfortable, shrinkage resistance, tensile strength and other effects of the contraction is 0; Can also be used for silkworm degumming and silk refining.
5. Leather industry: Made of papain skin hair removal agent, tanning leather, tanned leather by this product, pore fine and bright.
6. Feed industry: Decompose protein into amino acids in feed, increase the nutrients of seepage quantity, conducive to the absorption and use of eggs, poultry supplement animal endogenous enzyme deficiency at the same time, improve the feed utilization rate and reduce feed costs, increase appetite, and promote animal growth, improve daily gain and vitality, also can be used as a vegetable fruit advanced compound fertilizer additives.
7. Daily chemical industry: Used for soap, soap, detergent, washing powder, hand sanitizer, etc., clothing is stained with blood, milk, juice, soy sauce oil and other pollution, such as ordinary detergent, it is generally difficult to eliminate these stains. If adding protease in detergent can make sweat stains, blood stains easy to remove, decontamination, sterilization, safe and assured.
8. Cosmetics industry: Papain acts on the aging cuticle of human skin, promoting its decomposition and degradation, removing to achieve the effect of skin rejuvenation and promoting cell growth, and papain hydrolysate forms a layer of amino acid derivatives film on the skin surface, keeping the skin moist and smooth; Papain is easy to form a complex with copper ions in melanin, which can reduce the formation of melanin and remove melanin, and the tripeptide hydrolyzed by papain can directly inhibit the tyrosine-forming activity of melanin and eliminate the effect of free radicals, so as to achieve the effect of whitening and removing spots
9. In addition: it can also be added with toothpaste, mouthwash, tooth powder, etc., which can clean the mouth, remove tartar and calculus, and can be made into contact lenses with other solvents Product Name Product Type Product Enzyme activity range Product character Papain powder 50,000U /g~ 300,000U /g Light yellow or white solid powder Liquid 50,000-800,000U/mL light yellow liquid Clean disinfectant and photographic film silver recovery, etc.

Product Specifications

The product conforms to the national food safety standard GB 2760-2014 food Additive standard and GB 1886.174-2016 enzyme preparation standard for food industry, and can provide papain of various enzyme activity units according to customer needs.

The product name

The product type

Product enzyme activity range

Product characteristics


Powder type

50,000 U /g to 3 million U /g

Light yellow or white solid powder

The liquid type

50,000 U/mL to 800,000 U /ml

Pale yellow liquid

Conditions of Use

Can function in pH range of 3.5-9, the best pH 5-7
Can be used in the temperature range of 20-80℃, the optimal temperature 55-60℃
Add 2 to 3 ‰
The optimum amount of enzyme must be determined according to the specific production situation. Please contact us or call us for more details.

Storage Conditions

Storage temperature: 0~25℃, it is recommended to store in a cool and dry environment away from light, cold storage is more conducive to the preservation of enzyme activity; Too long storage or adverse storage conditions will reduce the enzyme activity in different degrees; If the temperature and humidity are too high, increase the usage.

Packaging and Delivery

Powder dosage form: aluminum plastic bag packaging, 1kg×10 bags/box; 1 kg x20 bag/box
Liquid type: 20kg/ barrel
Please contact us and let us provide you with better service!

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