Animal protease collagen hydrolysis production

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Animal protein hydrolase is our biological research and development team according to the structure of animal protein and hydrolysis of the experimental data for many times, use a variety of cutting sites of protein distribution and, can be widely used in animal protein such as chickens, pigs, cattle and other poultry meat, bone meat by-products of water seafood, fish and shrimp mussels and other protein hydrolysis, the production of various kinds of meat flavor, bone soup, meat and seafood extract, It can avoid the harmful by-products caused by acid-base hydrolysis.

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Mechanism of action

Animal proteolytic enzymes are mainly composed of endonucleases, exonucleases and flavor enzymes. Endonucleases cut the peptide bonds inside proteins, and exonucleases cut the peptide bonds at the end of polypeptide chains to release amino acids. Flavor enzymes further decompose the bitter peptide flavor generated by hydrolysis, which plays a role in optimizing the flavor of hydrolysate. With a high degree of protein hydrolysis (up to 60% or more), amino nitrogen dry content of more than 2.5g/100g (dry), hydrolysis thoroughly (protein effective utilization rate of more than 85%), the hydrolysate has the characteristics of high taste amino acid, good flavor, rich, no bitterness.


The product is soluble in water, and the aqueous solution is yellowish opaque liquid.

Product introduction

Main components: compound protease, glucose

Product specifications: Compound enzyme (can be customized)

Description: Khaki powder

Storage mode: dry at room temperature and avoid light, optimum storage temperature (0~4℃)

Shelf life: sealed at 4℃ can be stored for 24 months, 15℃ can be stored for 18 months, 12 months at room temperature

Application field

1. Meat processing

Animal proteolytic enzymes, which are widely used in meat processing, can hydrolyze various types of meat proteins into peptides or amino acids. Effectively reduce the customer's own cost of protease research preparation.

2. Condiment processing

Animal protein hydrolase can be used in animal protein processing, enhance flavor, prepare HAP, produce chicken essence, oyster sauce, fish sauce and other condiments.

3. Nutrition and health care products

Animal protein hydrolase has a strong ability to hydrolyze animal protein, can hydrolyze all kinds of animal bone and meat, used in the production of collagen powder, bone collagen, bone broth powder, calcium and phosphorus preparation.

4. Pet food processing

Animal protein hydrolase can be used to hydrolyze various animal offal and offal, used in pet food processing, has the characteristics of high degree of hydrolysis, rich meat flavor, good taste and so on.

Animal protease-2
Animal protease-3

Conditions of use

Effective range: Temperature: 30-60℃ PH: according to the natural PH of the substrate

Optimum range: Temperature: 50℃ PH: according to the natural PH of the substrate

(The intensity of flavor can be increased by prolonging the hydrolysis time or adding our flavor enzymes!)


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